“Ideas boom” to drive the Australian economy

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister



On Friday the 18th of February, the CEMS Club Sydney Business Development Team organised their first entrepreneurial event, which turned out to be a huge success! After the CEMS Formal Photoshoot, 30+ enthusiastic CEMSies headed to Fishburners, Australia’s largest start-up co-working space, to gain an insight to the business world of young innovators and entrepreneurs, Alexis Soulopoulos, CEMS alumni and CEO of Mad Paws, kicked off the event introducing us to his team and his fast growing startup, Mad Paws, an AirBnb service for pets. The Belgian entrepreneur developed the startup around two years ago and so far the company has experienced successful fast-growth.

After the one hour presentation, CEMSies were introduced to various start-ups working at Fishburners, such as Tyroola, an online platform that found a niche in the car market industry and Wattboart, a company that helps customers to manage energy costs and to reduce their economic footprints. It was highly interesting to see the environment in which these innovative ideas have their roots and where and how those ideas transform into growing businesses. This introduction to a diverse array of business models and their inherent limitations and successes, students were able to get a feel for what entrepreneurs really do; what challenges they might face and the opportunities that await them.

Afterwards CEMSies were invited to Mad Paws’ office, which was just across from Fishburners, where the event culminated with some beers and a relaxed networking session. Apart from enabling the opportunity to talk casually to different types of entrepreneurs from all business fields, a pitch session represented an amazing end to this amazing event.

Thanks CEMS BD Team for organising this great event!