Welcome to the 2016 S2 cohort!

What better than a boat party to close this amazing semester ?
This is where we select some titles to bestow our comrades, where we dance all together one last time and where we have to understand that this semester approaches to an end at last. But it is also the moment we chat to already plan the next times we will all meet and where we exchange our best memories of the semester !

We love our nights together and we love sharing food together. So we did both at once again with an amazing BBQ night all together just after a Cems Club meeting. How could the night get any better ?

Here comes the break. While some of us met koalas or had fun discovering the wonders of Australia, other went to Singapore. Thirteen CEMSies decided to attend the CEMS Asia-Pacific Forum in Singapore ! It was a great way to bond with corporate partners, Alumni and other CEMS students from around the world !

From September 19th to 232nd, the second edition of the CEMS Asia Pacific Forum was hosted by the CEMS Head Office and NUS Business School in Singapore, gathering 50+ CEMS students from 28 different nationalities. Thirteen CEMS students from USYD were invited to attend the forum, and had the opportunity to experience Singapore with other CEMSies from around the world!

CEMS INTERNATIONAL DINNER! Whether you prefer finger food, main dishes or simply enjoy showing up for dessert, the CEMS International Dinner was the place to be on Saturday evening! CEMSies from different nationalities loved having the opportunity to prepare their own delicious traditional dishes, and then sharing it with everyone for dinner, as well as being able to taste other dishes from around the world. From Vietnamese spring rolls and “bobo skewers” as starters to Indian butter chicken as main dish and tasty French crêpes with Nutella as dessert: what a mouth-watering experience! It was the perfect way to come together and share a taste of our local cultures!

On Wednesday August 24th, CEMSies went to see “Aladdin The Musical” at the Capitol Theatre, which is one of the greatest and most exciting shows in Sydney at the moment. The props on stage and the live orchestra created a magical, intense atmosphere, fully capturing spectators’ feelings and emotions. It really brought us back to our childhood memories! The costumes and music were definitely part of the excitement as well: bright and shining clothes combined with the melodious colour of the music drove everyone into “a whole new world” …

On the left
The Welcome Party, a fantastic way to start the semester! Thanks to MMgt Soc and CEMS Club, who made this night possible.

On the right
How could we say no when there is unlimited pizza on the menu? The Fat Pizza Monday was a great way to discover each others tastes.

Avocado toast at brunch with the CEMS crew down under is all you need to start your day off right. Brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria has been one the first memories shaped together. It’s always a cheerful time with CEMS students!

On July 26th, the CEMS Welcome Dinner took place at USYD. Lance Graham, the Programme Manager of the CEMS Master of Management, officially welcomed the new CEMSies to the University of Sydney Business School. The evening event hosted CEMS Sydney corporate partners and alumni, providing all students with the opportunity to immerse themselves into the dynamic and professional business environment, as well as connect with their new classmates. The Welcome Dinner was a great way to start off the semester by having the opportunity to connect with fellow CEMS students and corporate partners!

The Winter Surf Camp at Seal Rocks was an incredible experience! Feeling the power of waves beneath you while standing up on (or almost!) the board was simply mind- blowing. Being able to see the Milky Way after Saturday night’s BBQ, was the highlight of the weekend. The sunset at the lake near our camp was the perfect ending to such an adventurous CEMS Sydney surfing weekend!

The Associate Director & Senior Investment Advisor (Stock and Options) from the Macquarie Group, Mr. Mark O’Leary, invited some CEMS students for a company visit after being a guest speaker during the CEMS Sydney Block Seminar. On August 3rd, CEMS students had the opportunity to discuss investments in Australia, real estate investment markets, as well as the differences between European and Australian banks. It was a unique opportunity to speak with industry professionals about the finance side of business, and finish the night off by sharing a drink at The Loft.