Welcome to the 2017 S2 cohort!

Tuesday the 17th of October, our CEMSies went on a Startup Safari around Sydney. They got the chance to visit and talk to the founders of the four startups: URBANITE, TYROOLA, FLARE and MAD PAWS. A big thank you to the Corporate Team for hosting this awesome event!

This semester’s CEMS merchandise has arrived! Everyone was really excited to receive amazing customized hoodies, sweaters and varsity jackets. Good job Marketing Team!

Saturday the 16th of September, the CEMS club alumni team organized a soccer tournament to foster the relationship between the current and former CEMS students. In great weather and spirits the Cohort arrived at Ultimo community center where the tournament was held at the rooftop court, with great view over surrounding areas. In this great setting the tournament ensued, where players of different skill levels gave their all. To ensure the players kept the energy levels at a maximum fresh fruits and drinks was provided by the CEMS Club. A big shout to out Alumni team for organizing the event.  

The morning ready CEMSies met up with alumnis working at: Hilti, Deloitte, McKinsey, Henkel to a great talk over a lovely rotational breakfast. Many great talks were had, expirences were shared and fun stories were told. All in all a great event for all the attending. We are so lucky that our amazing CEMS Alumni is backing up our cohort by attending our events. A big shoutout to: Adam Bereczky, Dominique Grueger, Askhat Zhumayev, Federico Gadola and Alejandro Jaramillo for attending and Alumni Team for Organizing.

Part of our cohort joined with the management students to take a break from studies in a thrilling round of lazertag. Everybody got their inner soldier out and battled to their hearts content. The superior cohort, obviously won the duel.

A small group of our Cemsies took advantage of the first signs of summer, and went north to the beautiful Palm Beach for a short hike and relaxation at the beach. Weather turned out great, and everybody was in high spirits.

Schnitzel, pizza, sangria, goulash, Rød grød med fløde… – the CEMS International dinner was delicious. The cohort got together to show their culinary skills and expand horizons. The result was an astonishing amount of classic dishes and drinks and a great social get together. A big thank you to the social team for hosting, and for all of you for cooking your home country’s specialties!

An amazing party, with the the theme “When i grow up”, so doctors, pilots, police, firefighters and much more turned up to the party with the amazing CEMS energy and had a blast. Shout out to the Social team for arranging and Adelaide for hosting.

As always in conjunction with the start of a new CEMS semester a magnificent boat party was established. Starting off the semester in the best possible fashion by sailing around the harbor with the sunset, opera house and harbor bridge in the background while having a blast of a party.

Another batch of our active cohort, went to the amazing Blue Mountains, a short train ride away from Sydney. They were greeted with good weather, stunning nature, great views and a challenging hike. Everybody got through the day and got home with another experience of the Australian nature in the backpack

The Welcome dinner was a big success, as it was possible to combine business with pleasure: to conduct effective networking in an informal environment and enjoy a delicious dinner. The students were given the opportunity to enjoy the inspiring speeches from CEMS club president Lukas Kreiter, MMGT president Claire Campbell and Dean of the University of Sydney Business School Gregory Whitwell, while being hosted by Associate Professor Phillip Seltkias, this gave the students a first feel for the great atmosphere of University of Sydney. A big thanks to the University of Sydney for organizing this event!

On August 6, our Cemsies received an excellent opportunity to attend a cultural event held in Town Hall, namely the Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra Concert – the first-ever youth orchestra in China. Free tickets kindly were provided from Chinese for Business language course. The concert was struck by an unusual sound and a modern look at classical music, as the accompanying sounds were even used the sounds of the phone resembling the chirping of birds! Students were able to watch the concert from the best places such as the first row of the stalls, and from the balconies, where the whole orchestra was opened.

The rigorous one week block seminar ended perfectly with a weekend getaway to Seven Miles Beach for surf camp. CEMSies from 28 different nationalities were all set up to experience Australia in its true form. Thanks to everyone who made this amazing weekend possible! It was a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and learn new surfing skills.

The semester was kicked off with an orientation day the 24th of July. The topic of the block seminar was Doing Business in the Asia Pacific Region. This was the first time that most of the home school CEMSies and the exchange CEMSies met each other. We had several Team Building activities to get to know each other a bit better. After having completed all the tasks we celebrated with free drinks at Side Bar, followed by Asian street food. The rest of the week included an intense seminar during the day with exciting guest speakers and casework. In the evening social activities such as bowling, hot pot and pizza took place.